About Us

Moshe works in the non-profit sector managing the finances for three organizations.  He learned the unique counseling methods taught at Shackuf-To Heal Your Life and loves to teach and share Rebbe Nachman’s teachings at Yeshivat Ashreinu and with friends.

Aliza has a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of California, Davis and a master’s degree in Public Health from Ben Gurion University.    She is also an affiliate of the Ellyn Satter Institute.  She works as a health and nutrition educator in schools in Isreal.  She loves to garden and watch the small miracles in nature.

Please send us your comments, feedback, and questions!

Many Blessings,

The Neveloffs

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi guys
    Im a student of R’ Nachmans wisdom and also a soul searching to find my own ‘lane’
    I have an interest in pursuing nutrition as I have had a positive experiences from alternative health
    practises over the past few years and would like to help people with solid advice. Do you know of any
    institutions where I can study in iIsrael to become licensed in nutrition (pref. in English)?


    1. Hi Akiva,

      So happy that you found our blog and share common intrests 😊. I think most places with nutrition studies in Israel would be in Hebrew. Thankfully most programs in America have distance learning. I also recommend opening up our holy books and seeing what our holy Rabbi’s had to say about food and nutrition. There is a wealth of advice in our tradition that too many people overlook. Good luck on your journey!


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